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There are over 40 miles of river and creek trails for paddlers to choose from in Perquimans County, with numerous access points. Paddles can vary from a few hours to 2-3 day trips with overnight stays possible on a number of camping platforms accessible only by water. Some of the trails are official birding trails; others are attractive because of their proximity to public canoe/camping platforms. Here are a few options to choose from:

  • The Upper Perquimans River Trail is 7 miles (an official birding trail) from the river access at Belvidere and continues north to the upper reaches of the Perquimans River

  • The Lower Perquimans River Trail is 12 miles from the river access at Belvidere to the Town of Hertford and 15 miles to the Newbold-White House

  • The Mill Creek Paddle Trail (begins .4 mile east of Hertford, also an official birding trail; features a twin camping platform en route)

  • TheGoodwin Creek/Perquimans River Trail (3 miles), a short paddling outing in the upper portions of the Perquimans River and Goodwin Creek

  • The Bear Garden Point Trail (.4 mile from the Town of Winfall, includes twin camping platforms)

  • The Cypress Woods Trail (1 mile from the boat ramp in the Town of Hertford, includes triple camping platforms).

(To see a detailed map of paddle trails, camping platform locations, access locations, and other information, please click here)

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