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Cozy Getaway At Springfield Bed and Breakfast

You've heard that the South is known for its hospitality. We believe it may have taken a lesson or two from Springfield Bed and Breakfast.

The oldest part of this home was built between 1760 and 1790. Additions and necessary renovations have been made here and there, but the original bead board, doors, trim work, and fireplaces are proud to show guests what a home made with love looks like. It's exactly the kind of place adventurers and history-lovers dream of spending time in.

The two story home is not hard to find, located right on the highway, but when you drive down the long, winding driveway past the pond and gazebo, you'll get the feeling you're crossing into a different world.

Closer to the house, you may be greeted by free ranging chickens or gentle cows that boldly approach the fence, but the front porch is the real welcoming committee. Its white pickets wrap the rocking chairs up in the perfect resting spot for a book and a cup of coffee.

Mr. Joe and Mrs. Mary White, home owners and inn keepers, are the epitome of warmth and accommodation. Breakfast is served with locally made sausage and fresh eggs from the backyard, and entertaining conversation is never in short-supply. The house has quite a story to tell and to hear it first hand is a delight.

Each room has its own chapter of history from the themed decor, to the details in the furniture and mantlepiece. From beginning to end, your stay is a delightful experience.

On your next visit to Perquimans, reserve a room at Springfield Bed and Breakfast!

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