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Time Spent In A Coastal Town

400 years of history and 100 miles of shoreline. The slogan for Perquimans County sums up the community's charm in just one phrase. A beautiful tie between past and present, just like the S-shaped bridge and causeway that joins the towns of Winfall and Hertford.

In spite of being fluid and free, the water has a grounding affect for the soul. The warm wood of a deck or pier, the barely detectable sway of the boat, and the gentle hum of the traffic on a nearby bridge are all hypnotizing. I dare say it's the want of a weary soul. Time spent in a coastal town.

Communities like Perquimans are unhurried. Ciacdas are heard and fish breaching the water are noticed. Business carries on and families fill their schedules like anywhere else, but nature is too close to resist. Morning and evening bridge travel drags the mind away from agenda. Sound sunrises and sunsets invoke awe...if for but a moment..

If the strain of a fast-paced world is weighing on you, consider time spent in a coastal town.

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